Friday, 5 April 2013

Rock 'n Rolla - Day 1

I started something new.
I started roller skating.
I am happy.
Maybe someday, I'll tell you why. For now, think of it as a freak of the mind of a freak.

Here's how day 1 went.

Buckling up

And a little bit of help....lots of tugging, and tightening and knotting.

                                               Skates?  --> Check
                                               "Gear"?  --> Check
                                               Courage? --> WAIT!


 Check out the elbow &  knee guards

Less scarier than I expected it to be! I'm standing!

OOOOKKKKAAAYYYY.....I think I might be able to do without support right now. But hang around, catch me if I fall, ok? Hey! Where are you going?


Out in the corridor...I sincerely hope everyone is sleeping.


DAY ONE: Completed successfully!!!

1. Laced up skates

2. Stood up

3. Moved

4. Took small steps

5. Took little bigger steps

6. Skated slowly in open corridor about 200m

7. Number of falls: ZERO

8. YAHOOOO!!!!!!!!!!
More to come. I'll keep you folks updated. Cheerios!


  1. Finally, one 'happy' post!
    Congrats! Way to go!

    loved the phrase ' a freak of the mind of a freak.'. :-)

    Shouldn't it be 'NIGHT ONE'? :-P

    1. Thanks T :) yup Night One, it is!!

  2. Yes Agreed. Positive Vibes. Glad for you , you made it by going beyond yourself. Keep It Going.


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