Friday, 20 May 2011

The Story of Moths

Moths never arouse in us the same feeling of happiness as butterflies do, do they? And why so? Because they are plain, and grey and brown, and do not look pretty. Right? Here is a story about moths that I read long back and has stayed with me ever since.

Moths are the most beautiful animals in the animal kingdom. At one time they were more colourful than the butterflies. They have always been helpful, kind, and generous creatures. One day the angels up in heaven were crying. They were sad because it was cloudy and they couldn’t look down upon the people on earth. Their tears fell down to the earth as rain. The sweet little moths hated to see everyone so sad. They decided to make a rainbow. The moths figured that if they asked their cousins, the butterflies, to help, they could all give up just a little bit of their colours and they could make a beautiful rainbow. 

One of the littlest moths flew to ask the queen of the butterflies for help. The butterflies were too vain and selfish to give up any of their colours for neither the people nor the angels. So, the moths decided to try to make the rainbow themselves. They beat their wings very hard and the powder on them formed little clouds that the winds smoothed over like glass. Unfortunately, the rainbow wasn’t big enough so the moths kept giving a little more and a little more until the rainbow stretched all the way across the sky. They had given away all their colour except brown, which didn’t fit into their beautiful rainbow.

Now the once colourful moths were plain and brown. The angels up in heaven saw the rainbow, and became joyous. They smiled and the warmth of their smiles shown down on the earth as sunshine. The warm sunshine made the people on earth happy and they smiled, too. Now every time it rains the baby moths, who still have their colours, spread them across the sky to make more rainbows.

There are many moths around us, who do there bit to make others’ lives colourful, and never ask for anything in return. We, on our part, hardly notice them, until the helpful presence is gone and the small things that made the days pleasant add up and show the magnamity of the work done.

The plainest among us have the brightest of colours inside, and there are many who give it away to those whose days are dark. Remember it the next time, show your appreciation. And do the same for people around you. Add a little bit of colour to the lives of those around you, and you will find your own suffused with multitudinal hues.Thanks for stopping by, and see you again!

p.s. I have nothing against butterflies! but this story just warms my heart :-)

Monday, 2 May 2011

A small celebration

"The more you celebrate life, the more there is in life to celebrate."
And today, you celebrate.

Dance in the rain and sing in the shower. Skip stones and chase squirrels.

Play hopscotch on the pavement. Turn somersaults on the bed.

Get flowers. For yourself. For your best friend. For the girl in the flat above yours.

Smile at a stranger on the road. Say thank you to the cab driver.

Laugh at yourself. Never repeat mistakes. There are too many new ones to be made anyway.

Treat yourself to the double sundae that your diet does not allow. Buy the candy you haven’t had since 6th grade. Try out the new Korean food shack at the street corner five blocks away.

The guy at work you find cute? Tell him. The weekend holiday you wanted to take? Get the tickets.

Feed the pigeons in the park. Adopt a stray. 

Dream. Don't just smile, grin. Ear to ear. Fall in love all over again.

Remember you can die a thousand times, but you live only once. And for one day, live to the fullest. One day, when you are not scared to make a fool of yourself, because no matter what other’s say, you are having fun. One day, where you keep aside the darkness and the hurt and pain and simply be happy.

You can go back to "normal" tomorrow. Or perhaps never again.

Let it be today. Today, that you celebrate yourself.

Celebrate that you are a limited-edition, one and only version of you. Celebrate that you are alive.

In this celebration called life, join in. Today. 
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