Saturday, 19 January 2013

Keep Running

I seem to be rushing through my days.
Blurred moments, blurred faces, blurred ache.
Running on. Running on.
Always on.
No way to rest. No place for fatigue.
Forward. Forward. I don't want to any more.
Somebody make it stop!
Don't stop,
Don't stop. To move is to hurt, but to stop is to die.
Don't weep,
Don't weep. There will always be enough time for tears.
Keep running.
Don't panic,
Don't panic. Fear is a friend. Fear will keep you alive.
Don't fight,
Don't fight. Even when the walls close in.
Keep running.
It will pass.
The thud beats out a rhythm.
Forward. Forward.
No hurts. No tears. No regrets.
Even when it bleeds.
Even when I break apart into a thousand tiny pieces.
Even when I see the hilarious injustice of it all.
Even when the grounds falls away under my feet.
Keep running. Keep running.
Someday there will be rest.
Someday the tears will flow.
Someday there will be no fear.
Someday I can let go.
Someday. Not now.
Keep running. Keep running.

1 comment:

  1. Stop Completely. close your eyes. Relax. Take a deep breath. open your eyes wide. See. Feel.
    Cry. Loosen up. Wash your face. Smile.
    Dont panic. What for?
    Why a rythm? why not a tune?
    Dont Fight. Move with the flow.
    Move sideways. more space between walls.
    Focus. Lose smalls skirmishes.
    Win the war.
    Read your Confucius


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