Thursday, 19 April 2012

Nothing Here

You think the stories are true,
The gospels are right?
Open thy eyes, there is nothing here,
Not a god in sight.

You think all men are good,
There’s beauty all around?
See the world, there is nothing here,
Jackals and jackasses abound.

You think love is the answer,
We only need to have more faith?
Look around, there is nothing here,
Only decay and death.

You think miracles happen,
The good you do comes back?
Welcome to reality, there is nothing here,
Either you conform or you crack.

You think people care,
You can walk the path you choose?
See the truth, there is nothing here,
You never win, you only lose.

You think I am a lost soul,
This is another crazed banter,
I can’t be talking of you,
Maybe I’m just off the rocker?

One day you will be alone,
Amidst hidden wounds and empty hearts
One day you will break,
Amidst grey skies and crushed butterflies
One day you will give up trying,
Amidst stale hours and putrid words
One day you will know,
This is life, there is nothing here.


  1. Woah! Did you write this? It's very dark. But there are two things about it:
    It's beautiful... and
    Every line is pretty darn true!

  2. words so true... and someone has courage to say it. startling, incredible poetry. congratulations...

  3. Jackals and jackasses abound.
    good one!!! is this an original???
    Its AWESOME!

  4. Hey keep posting such good and meaningful articles.


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