Monday, 30 September 2013

The Tragedy of Being Human

Burn. With shame. With rage. With hopelessness.

Drown. In pity. In apathy. In fear.

Live. In years. In safety. In shackles.

Rejoice. In mediocrity. In the depths of depravity. In the failure of others.

Run. From demons. From conflicts. From yourself.

Fail. To forgive. To fight. To inspire.

Forget. To care. To believe. To strive.

Succumb. To popularity. To acceptance. To normalcy.

Know. The insignificance. The excuses. And the tragedy of being human.


  1. Very minimalist and very powerful. but to be honest, Could have been better. i dont know how, though i suppose it's got something to do with preparation and delivery. It is amazing to notice that u have started each line with a sentiment ( i dont know the word, sentiment comes close, i think! ) and then proceeded to the root of it, and captured each one with all its implications. Awesome job, on the whole. Congrats!

  2. Doesn't. Even. Make. Sense. And. Is. Annoying.

    1. Makes sense. Of course it's annoying.

  3. Breathe. In delight. In laughter. In absurdity.
    Live. In seconds. In moments. In branches.
    Laugh. With mediocrity. With the desperation of dreams, the folly of failure.

    Run. To castles. To battles. To victories.

    Fail. And then forget about it, except as an amusing anecdote to tell at parties.
    Forget. But Feel. Feel deeply, with longing and pain, but feel.
    Succumb, to all of that, but then cut yourself off.
    You got tied up only of your own volition.

    Know. The good, the bad, the ugly.

    They won't go anywhere.


    See - The beauty, the flights of fancy, the tears of heartwarmings.

    Colors. Letters. Old wrinkled lines. Vapourised by the smoke, dust (and botox).

    We are all but fools, and it is but a fool's lot to laugh. So laugh we will, and snort while we're at it because not all laughs are pretty tinkles of delight.

    1. Haha thanks man. Inspired by yours, so that compliment reverts back to you :D

    2. Good analysis of what we are..nice one

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