Saturday, 16 March 2013

The Nirvana of Nothingness

I wish you could see me now.

Standing at the edge, I'm almost, funny word, peaceful.

Which way?

I've been here often over the years.

At the depths of my darkness.

The place where it doesn't hurt any more.

So tempting.

Words don't work in this place. 

Neither do hopes, dreams and shooting stars.

There's a door here.

I either walk through or walk back.

I've been here often over the years.

So tempting.

Time slows down here.

I've always walked back.

Till now.

It's only me vs. me in here.

Which way?

You flip through your life, while you take you call.

Standing at the edge.

It lists out all that hurts.

It hurts because you love it so.

I can walk through.

But I can't take with me what I love.

And I love it so.

I can walk back.

But I can't make it stop hurting.

And it hurts so.

So tempting.

Which way?


  1. Once again profound message frm ur goodself. Personally love it as it reflects my own reality. Ur blog is one of my ever-time favourite, somehow, in a strange way, what's being shared here coincides with what gng thru....with a sigh "She truly express well for what I felt".....Ur someone unknown to me, yet somehow reading ur blog, gives a sense of connection...keep flowing ur good input...wish u well in all ur undertaking in life...

  2. Hi,
    quote...[And it hurts so.
    So tempting]...
    Nice seemingly expressionz,


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