Thursday, 17 May 2012

Get Out of Bed - by Diane Shore

A spot of humour for today. Everything around was turning too ominous, thought I should lighten the mood. This has been one of my favourite poems ever to giggle on. The first time I read it, the ending really had me rolling on the floor. And it still elicits laughter, after all these years. I won't give away a spoiler, if you haven't read it yet! And even if you have, go ahead and read it once more. Have a laugh, it doesn't hurt.

Get Out of Bed!
                                      ~ Diane Z. Shore

"Get out of bed, you silly fool!
Get up right now, it's time for school.
If you don't dress without a fuss,
I'll throw you naked on the bus!"

"Oh, Mom, don't make me go today.
I'm feeling worse than yesterday.
You don't know what I'm going through.
I've got a strange, rare case of flu.

"My body aches, my throat is sore. 
I'm sure I'm knocking on death's door.
You can't send me to school-achoo!-
'Cause everyone could get it, too.

"Besides, the kids despise me there.
They always tease and always stare.
And all the teachers know my name.
When something's wrong, it's me they blame."

"You faked a headache yesterday.
Don't pull that stuff on me today.
Stop acting like a silly fool-
The principal cannot skip school!"

Told you, it was a good one! Hope that brought a smile, and I'll see you around folks.

Text © Diane Z. Shore, reprinted from If Kids Ruled the School published by Meadowbrook Press.


  1. This is cute, I remember the line from one of my favorite movies 'Mr Hollands Opus' about how he remembered wanting to be anywhere but learning in class when he was young and that he had no idea that the teachers had the same thought, lol :)

    1. Mr.Holland's Opus happens to be one of my favourite movies ever too! :)


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