Monday, 14 November 2011

The Blind Boy-Colley Cibber

A simple poem, read more than a decade back. I remember telling my Mom that I did not want to re-read it because it "made me sad". A 6-year old's view of life did not allow for people being sad without being sad myself. Cut to 2011, I find the poem beautiful. It is not an awesome piece of literature of anything. But it shows the simple, honest kind of courage in going through difficulties, which I see around me in so many forms, and have learnt to appreciate greatly.

The Blind Boy
                ~ Colley Cibber

 O say, what is that thing called light,
 Which I can ne'er enjoy?
 What is the blessing of the sight?
 O tell your poor blind boy!

 You talk of wondrous things you see,
 You say the sun shines bright;
 I feel him warm, but how can he
 Then make it day or night?

 My day or night myself I make
 Whene'er I sleep or play;
 And could I ever keep awake
 With me 'twere always day.

 With heavy sighs I often hear
 You mourn my hapless woe;
 But sure with patience I may bear
 A loss I ne'er know.

 Then let not what I cannot have
 My cheer of mind destroy;
 Whilst thus I sing, I am a king,
 Although a poor blind boy.

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