Thursday, 8 September 2011

Dream On

Found this suddenly among my old stuff. I wrote this almost 6 years back, when I was younger and naive -er. Its bad poetry, but I felt it when I wrote it. And like many budding literati who later find out that inspiration and genius are not the same, I'm a bit embarrassed at this early(and hopeless) effort. But I think I'll share it anyway! 

It'll be a sad day sure, when we forget to dream,
Dreams for us and for ours
Dreams for others and for theirs,
Dreams of a better world, a better life,
Dreams of a promised land, or just pleasant hike,
Dreams of a new beginning, a lighter load,
Dreams of a second chance, a better effort,
Dreams that bring sweat and tear,
Dreams that also bring smiles, for that matter,
Dreams that bring love,
Dreams that carry life,
Dreams that scream, dreams that shout,
Dreams that whisper, dreams that stay put,
Dreams that show the light,
When darkness mocks the fight,
Dreams that lead those wearied,
Dreams that support the grieved,
Dreams that make you do just that- dream,
Dreams that make you act,
Dreams that make other point and say,
"That man dared to dream!"
Dreams that inspire thousands, saying
You're dead if you don't dream,
Through all of life's struggles and trials,
Go on, DREAM!


  1. I guess, innocence is reflected in words and with age we attain experience but at the cost of losing innocence. I love the poem...

  2. from one dreamer to another, "I love ur work"


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