Wednesday, 23 March 2011

The Story People

It’s the story of survivors.

Those who fell in love. Those who fell in love and had their hearts broken. Who picked up the pieces and put them back together, so that they could fall in love again.

Those who repeated the aforesaid many a times .

Those who sang in the shower. Who saw colour in grey.

Those who built their world knowing it won’t last, but built it any way. Those who quietly started over when it all came crashing.

Those who did the small things which no one notices, but remembers when there’s no one to do them anymore.

Those who made the days a little brighter, unconsciously.

Those who believed in the good of the world, even though, deep down, they realised they might just be wrong. Who refused to think otherwise, even when proved otherwise.

Those who told you it was ok to cry. Who never wanted let you see their tears. Those who went through times when even tears were not enough.

Those who smelt the rain on parched soil. Those who dragged you out, sleepy eyed, to watch a sunrise. Who saw life as a beautiful, heart breaking orchestra. Yes, beautiful. Yes, heart breaking.

Those who never thought they were worth very much in the world. Who sent up a prayer every night, never asking for anything for themselves, except the courage to be good.

Those who played the fool. Along with a thousand other roles.

Those who never spoke of their loss. Who never gave a hint that deep inside, they were as lost as a little kid. 

Those who smiled when they saw a baby. Those who made everyone around them feel big.

Those who just did their job. Who never did anything great or stunning. Or get into the papers.  

Those who scorned at anything sentimental. Who got sentimental when you gave them a lollipop. Who got sentimental when you didn’t give them a lollipop, and had it yourself.

Those never an empty hand go un-held. Those who will leave a bigger legacy than the shiniest treasure, the legacy of an honest name.

Those who made this life worth living. Who proved it was worth, by living it themselves.

Its the story of everyone.

It’s the story of you.


  1. Nice bebe..I remember reading this one somewhere..

  2. hey.. nice one.. U started blogging now only na???

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